Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I wanna be a supermodel

Imagine you have walked into a café with a friend.  You glance around at the people at the other tables as you enter.  Some are mums with loud kids, there’s a group of men in suits having a meeting; others are quiet older women with books, or students with laptops.  These people are just like you and so you feel comfortable around them.  But how would you feel if everyone there was a supermodel?  If you are like me, you’d probably turn around and go to the café next door where you fit in, right?

If I feel that intimidated by people who are better than me; how much more should I be intimidated by the total perfection of God.  His perfection highlights my faults like a magnifying glass highlights a stain on a garment.  That’s bad news.  Now if one of the supermodels in the café got up and invited you to sit at her table you would be saved from the humiliation of awkwardly leaving.  Your attitude would shift from “well it’s nice for you that you’re incredibly beautiful” to “wow, what have I done to deserve such kindness from someone who is clearly better than me?”  In the same way Jesus embraced you when you clearly did not match up to God’s standard. 

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