Tuesday, 21 August 2012

TWO WORDS everyone should know about....

These days I seem to have a lot of time to listen to theological podcasts so I thought I’d review some of the different shows I have heard over the years to see if they are worth listening to.  Today we will be looking at The Two Words.

Two words is a theological podcast that looks at life, culture and the scriptures through God’s two words - Law and Gospel.  It is hosted by the self proclaimed “Wild Stallions” rev Jacob smith and Sean Norris who writes for the blog called Mocking Bird (www.mbird.com). 
Not quite the same as these wild stallions.

The Shows structure is almost the same every time with 4 segments and it runs for approximately 30 minutes.  At the beginning of the show they define the two words law and gospel.  The Law is used to show us our sin and our need for a saviour and then the gospel which tells us that Jesus has come and paid for our sin on the cross.  Jacob and Sean have many different ways of teaching this and each episode puts a slightly different slant on the way we look at law and gospel.  After this they talk about culture, be it news, movies, music or whatever is happening in the world at the time of the podcast.  But they don’t just look at the culture piece, they look at it and they apply it to the law
and/or the gospel. The 3rd segment is the bible study where they go through passages of the bible and rightly interpret them by pulling out the law and the gospel in the text.  This isn’t an in depth bible study, the goal of this bible study is to focus on the law and gospel in the passage.  If there is time they might add a confessions section on the end of the show where they talk about their own Christian history and confess some silly things they have done in the past, that they thought would earn them favour with God.  Pretty interesting stuff!  Every now and then they may have a special guest on to change up the show a bit.

The two words updated weekly for a while but it seems the show has stopped being made because the last podcast on the website was put up on September 14th 2010.  But don’t worry about that because the shows have a timeless quality meaning that you can go and download all 52 episodes and they wouldn’t seem out of date.  

Peters Podcast rating system

 Easy listening – 5 out of 5

You won’t need a theological decree to understand what they are talking about in this show.  The hosts clearly explain the concepts they talk about and the difficult words that come up.  The hosts seem to hold your attention pretty well and the short span of each of the segments in the show keeps you engaged the whole time.

Theological content – 4 out of 5

If you’re looking for deep theology here you better look elsewhere.  However the core theology of the Christian faith is clearly portrayed.  It is great to see the many different ways The wild stallions can apply the law and the gospel to our everyday lives.

Overall Score – 4 out of 5

There is room for improvement but overall the two words is a great show to listen to, and you learn a few things along the way.  Listen to a couple of shows and you’ll be hooked.




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