Friday, 16 March 2018

Road to Revelation: Genesis - Joseph

Whew!  Genesis is a long book!  And yet here we are at the last patriarch of Abraham's family of  promise before they grow to become a great nation, yes, it's Joseph.

Genesis 37-50

By Genesis 37 Jacob’s sons are all grown up.  One of the younger brothers, Joseph, was the favourite of his father and was sold as a slave to an Egyptian because of his brother’s jealousy.  A famine had wrecked the land of Canaan [the land promised to Abraham], forcing Jacob’s family to flee to Egypt.  Genesis ends with the people of Israel still in Egypt, living in peace while Joseph is alive.

Key Verse: Genesis 50:19-21.  Joseph realised that what his brothers intended for evil, God used for good—to keep his promises to Abraham and keep his people alive.

Extra Reading and Takeaway: Hebrews 11:22  Joseph knew that he had been sent to Egypt to prepare a safe haven for God’s people until it was time to go back to the promised land again.  He knew God would make a way for His promises to come to pass.  Though God’s people are a wild bunch, God remains faithful to them because He is faithful (2 Timothy  2:13).

Read also Act 7:1-16.  Stephen gives a marvelous summary of the book of Genesis from Abraham to Joseph.

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