Monday, 7 March 2016

Yeezus vs. Jesus

As usual I’m a little behind the game in celebrity news.  A few weeks ago it was reported by the man himself – Kanye Westthat he was begging Mark Zuckerburg [facebook] and Larry Page [google] for 1 billion dollars to pay off his debts of *gulp* $53m.

It was a brash move which induced much eye rolling the world over but the more I pondered it the more I liked it!  I liked Kanye!  Whaaaa?  If you haven’t clicked away yet shaking your head slowly at the degeneration of yet another blog then allow me to explain…

Remember that story Jesus told about the prodigal son?  You know the one about the son who took his inheritance, blew it on fast living and came back to the father on his knees for forgiveness [and further support] whilst the other son despised his boldness and the father’s grace?  I think in the case of Kanye we were all too quick to be elder son, looking down our noses at Kanye’s begging instead of seeing our own position in the cosmos.

Because as Christians we must identify with Kanye on some level; for we are all as Luther would say “…beggars, this is true”.  Meaning that all we can do is come to God with empty hands of faith, hoping to receive his grace and mercy.  And the good news is that he is ready and will fill those hands with love and forgiveness and daily bread.

I doubt that Kanye will receive much from Mark or Larry but I hope that one day he also receives an inheritance without measure from our Lord Jesus.

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