Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Wall-E cleans up

Following on from the hot mess post I was rewatching Wall-E during the school holidays and appreciating what an awesome movie it is.  And then the scene happens where Eve gets taken away to the repair ward on the spaceship after the plant has mysteriously vanished from her chest cavity; is followed by Wall-E who rescues her, accidentally releasing all the broken robots and causing mayhem in the process.  I was instantly struck by its parallel to the church.  Well of course! Hahaha!

If you look at the Wall-E movie whilst cross-eyed (badoom tsch) you notice that Wall-E’s sort of the Christ figure in the movie; he’s the guy who invades the status quo, turns the world upside down (almost literally), rescues the captives and the down trodden and in the process dies and is resurrected.  

Backtrack to the repair ward.  When Wall-E comes to this ward full of broken and damaged robot he sets them free.  He does it by accident but the robots don’t care; they are free and they have Wall-E to thank for it.  They sort of appoint him their leader and follow him wherever he goes.  Their invasion of the perfect world of the spaceship causes complete chaos and confusion but it’s good because it results in the salvation of all and the return home where they belong rather than trapped out in space.

Such is the church in this world.  The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to our captivity and brokenness in sin, we believe the words of Jesus that he came to set us free and we are freed!  And so we join together as a rag-tag team and go out into the world.  And yes, this group of ragamuffins causes chaos because the church is full of broken people who just happen to have a great leader but some of that chaos results in the rescue of many more; a great good for mankind.

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