Saturday, 3 November 2012

Reducing the blog to fart jokes

Lol, it's funny cause it's true, right?  Well, at least it is when it comes to those kids at the table next to you in the food court the other day, you know, the ones that were screaming and carrying on…. but before I get too carried away; this post isn’t supposed to be the kind that makes you feel guilty about how judgemental you are towards other peoples kids, and then directs you towards the saving grace of the cross (I’ll leave those ones up to Kiwi Beggar. 'cheeky')  No, after seeing the joke above, recently doing the rounds on the internet, I had an entirely different Jesus related thought.

I recently became a father again and there’s this strange thing that happens. The moment you meet your offspring for the first time, this bizarre sort of attachment takes hold of you. I think they call it love. As your kids grow up and do all kinds of sinning, no matter what they do, I’m pretty sure that attachment doesn’t go away.  (Maybe just fluctuates a bit sometimes.) You certainly don’t have this same feeling towards other peoples kids. Some more than others I suppose, but none as much as your own. It’s this inbuilt love mechanism that God gives to parents.

This joke reminded me that God loves us in the same way. We’re not unbearable like other people’s kids (or farts.) He’s adopted us believers into His family, to be His children and He loves us as if we were His own son. We do all kinds of sinning (ahem, judging other peoples parenting. OK, so it is one of those posts after all) and His love doesn’t even fluctuate like ours does. I hope my kids never feel like they need to earn my love, because they’ll always have it, no matter what. So why do we so often feel like we need to earn Gods?

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