Thursday, 18 October 2012

I fought the law and the law won

My mum is a great believer in education.  Sometimes when we’re talking about the world’s problems it seems like she thinks that if everyone was just taught more about *insert current issue here* the problem would be solved and we would go on our way and live happily ever after.  She’s right of course.  Except that today people know more stuff than they ever have thanks to the internet, being able to read etc. and yet we still have the same old problems.  

For example most people in New Zealand are well educated about good eating.  It’s hard to avoid it.  The 5+ a day fruit and vege campaign, The Biggest Loser, What’s Really in our Food, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craigs etc, etc, etc;  and yet I saw on the internet the other day that New Zealand is the third fattest country in the world.  In 2010 McDonalds made NZ$32million, an increase of 5% over 2009.  

The indie documentary Super Size Me taught me I was a morbidly high user of fast food (eating out once or more a week) and I shouldn’t do it.  I still eat out once or more a week.  Caroline Robinson taught NZ on What’s really in our Food  that packaged food is bad for children’s lunchboxes and tummies.  Guess how many packaged items 90% of my daughter’s class have in their lunchboxes?  Two or more, and for a few of them that’s all they get.  

You and I were brought up well; we also know that stealing, lying, gossiping, slander, not caring for others is wrong.  Do you still do it? I do.  

When I think of the word “law” my mind goes to two places: the 10 commandments and the law that the Government enforces but the word law can be used in a broader sense too.  Every time someone tells you you have to do something, that’s a new law for you to keep.  Many of these laws are good – eat healthily, don’t smoke, exercise, recycle, save your money - and my mum is right; we need to be educated in these laws so we don’t mess up our lives.   

According to Paul, knowing that you’re not supposed to do something doesn’t necessarily stop you from doing it.  So if none of us are going to keep the law, what’s the point of educating people about it?  My man Sho Baraka knows:  The law can’t save us, it just shows us our flaws, the law is a tool that leads us to Christ, And by faith we’re justified, and he gives us life”.  In other words, you need to know the law so you can see your need for a saviour!  Do you find it impossible to keep God’s law?  Then put your trust in Jesus.  He died for you and will give you His perfect law keeping.  Jesus can save you.  

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